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Personality Makes Us Human.

Be More Human. Join Expedition Like.

Find what others like us like. We all want to find things we like.  Popular websites like Google and Facebook collect information from our emails and online activity to tell advertisers what we like. We enjoy the free apps, and we like the targeted ads.  But we don’t like Google reading our email (see Google: Email Users Can't Legitimately Expect Privacy When Emailing Someone On Gmail), and we hate the idea of strangers knowing our most personal secrets (see How Target Figured Out A Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did). Also see the White House report: Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values.

Expedition Like is a global collaborative human initiative to predict what we like by our personality type.  It’s global because anyone on the planet with access to the Web can participate.  It’s collaborative because we are all sharing and learning together about our common humanity.  It’s human because instead of spying on us, it gets to know us.  No tracking our online activity.  No reading our emails.  No sharing our personal information with anyone, ever.

There are four simple steps to participate in Expedition Like:

1. Type our personality to find how we are like others. 

2. Find out what we like through surveys. 

3. Match what we like with our personality type.  

4. Predict what we like based on what others like us like.

Expedition Like will allow us to search for things others like us like.  If we want, we can also choose to be connected with ads and online content matching our personality.  And we can do this without surrendering our personal privacy.  All of the information will come from our voluntary answers to survey questions about what we like.

About 2,500 expeditioners must join in the surveys to get valid results.  Surveys will not start until that threshold is met.  Help spread the word to join Expedition Like!


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